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Stop the War in East Ukraine

by David Morgan

Sun 3rd Aug 2014
Sweeping sanctions have been imposed by the European Union and the United States on Russia for its alleged involvement in East Ukraine.... [read more]

Brutal executions of Kurdish women activists in Paris - an attempt to derail the peace process that won’t succeed

by David Morgan

Sun 13th Jan 2013
David Morgan reports on the execution of three leading Kurdish activists in Paris... [read more]

Emily Wilding Davison Memorial Campaign Launched

by David Morgan

Tue 11th Dec 2012
A new campaign to honour the memory of the militant Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison on the 100th anniversary of her tragic death was launched on 29 November at the Firebox Café in King’s Cross. David Morgan reports ... [read more]

The Kurds and Human Rights

by David Morgan

Tue 4th Dec 2012
David Morgan asks what the Kurdish people have to celebrate as International Human Rights’ Day 2012 approaches... [read more]

Turkish PM Erdogan Must Respond to the Demands of the Kurdish Hunger Strikers

by David Morgan

Sat 27th Oct 2012
Hundreds of Kurdish prisoners are currently taking part in a hunger strike which they have declared will be indefinite, David Morgan reports... [read more]

Eric Hobsbawm – towering above his critics

by David Morgan

Sun 7th Oct 2012
Naturally there have been many glowing tributes to Eric Hobsbawm following his death at the age of 95, but there have also been some extremely ungenerous slights and grotesque attacks on his integrity as an individual and as an historian, writes David Morgan... [read more]

Eric Hobsbawm: A Tribute from the Socialist History Society

by David Morgan

Tue 2nd Oct 2012
On behalf of the Socialist History Society, David Morgan pays tribute to its Honorary President Eric Hobsbawm who passed away on the 1 October at the age of 95.... [read more]

Trials and Tribulations in Turkey

by David Morgan

Sun 30th Sep 2012
Turkey’s lamentable human rights record and its attempts to intimidate independent Kurdish organisations was the theme of an important seminar held on the 18 September in Garden Court Chambers, London. David Morgan reports.... [read more]

Turkey, the Kurdish Struggle and the New Middle East

by David Morgan

Fri 20th Jul 2012
Turkey, a NATO member, has historically been a key strategic ally of the West in the Cold War but the political situation inside the country is far from tolerant of opposition, writes David Morgan. ... [read more]

Girl Model

by David Morgan

Sat 14th Jul 2012
David Morgan brings to light a deeply worrying trend that exists within the Japanese modelling agency ... [read more]

Solidarity with Zarakolu and Ersanli

by David Morgan

Wed 4th Jul 2012
David Morgan reports on the trial of two public figures in Turkey charged with breaking the country’s dubious anti terror laws... [read more]

Marxist Historians Map Out an Agenda for Today

by David Morgan

Mon 12th Dec 2011
If the evidence of the successes of recent events is anything to go by, interest in the socialist approach to history is on the increase, which is probably no surprise given the turbulent and uncertain times in which we currently live, says David Morgan.... [read more]