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About Karl Davis

Based: Yorkshire
Karl Davis is a train driver and trade union activist, having held a number of elected positions within the train driver’s union, ASLEF and the TUC. Karl lives in Hull, East Yorkshire, and is married with a young son.

A Labour party member and community campaigner, Karl is a member of Labour’s Future Candidate’s Programme, and has played pivotal roles in numerous local campaigns on the issues of housing, corporate manslaughter, Health & Safety for agency workers, Trawlermen’s issues, and also acted as Secretary to the families of the crew of MV Gaul, a Hull based fishing vessel lost in mysterious circumstances in the Barents Sea in 1974. Karl assisted in organising and co-ordinating the campaign to successfully pressure the government into re-opening the Formal Inquiry into the vessel’s loss.

Karl is a keen writer, regularly contributing articles to publications, including Guardian (Comment is Free), Liberal Conspiracy, The London Progressive Journal, Hull RePublic and The ASLEF Journal, amongst others. He has appeared on numerous local BBC News outlets connected with a multitude of issues, and engages in public speaking in support various causes.

He is currently collaborating with the Universities of Brighton & Bournemouth respectively, on a new book aimed at mental health professionals treating those affected by suicide.

Karl is also busily writing his first novel, and posts on twitter as @karldavis1979. His blog can be found at: www.karl-davis.blogspot.com

Articles Written

The Death Of Robber Ronnie Biggs

by Karl Davis

Tue 24th Dec 2013
Last week the news broke that Ronnie Biggs has died at age 84. Whilst I can certainly spare a thought for his family as they grieve, l cannot reconcile the popular perception held by many that Biggs was a kind of 'loveable rogue' who got one over on 'the man'... [read more]

Is there an alternative to the Labour Party?

by Karl Davis

Thu 18th Jul 2013
Trade unionist Karl Davis looks at comments made by RMT General Secretary Bob Crow who called for the formation of a new political party for workers... [read more]

ASLEF Tube Driver Strike: Look beyond the picket line to see the real story..

by Karl Davis

Thu 17th Jan 2013
On Boxing Day, ASLEF members employed by London Underground Limited (LUL) staged a 24 hour strike and the press have been predictable in attempting to whip up hysteria and outrage, reports Karl Davis... [read more]

Copying our neighbour's work ethic

by Karl Davis

Sun 16th Dec 2012
I may be guilty of being unkind towards David Cameron, but I take his comments on emulating German industry under the suspicion that he is being his usual ‘selective’ self when referring to our European neighbours, Karl Davis explains... [read more]

Police & Crime Commissioners and the Tories

by Karl Davis

Sat 17th Nov 2012
The chaotic and rambling drumbeat of the Tory march has been laid bare for the questioning ears of the world once more, says Karl Davis... [read more]

Monarchy not the main obstacle to a better tomorrow

by Karl Davis

Thu 7th Jun 2012
Karl Davis argues that those protesting against the monarchy are aiming their ire at the wrong target... [read more]

Ed Miliband's party funding proposals

by Karl Davis

Mon 16th Apr 2012
Karl Davis makes the case for the Labour Party to embrace its Trade Union roots as part of its challenge to show there is an alternative to the unpopular austerity programme implemented by the Tory dominated Coalition... [read more]

The problem with ‘Workfare’

by Karl Davis

Thu 1st Mar 2012
Karl Davis discusses the unfairness and flaws inherent to the Workfare scheme... [read more]

A future of Labour

by Karl Davis

Sun 1st Jan 2012
Karl Davis suggests how Ed Miliband could give a big boost to Labour’s chances of winning the next General Election... [read more]

Embracing the Working Time Directive

by Karl Davis

Sat 17th Dec 2011
Karl Davis has some advice for David Cameron... [read more]