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"Terrorist Sympathisers"

Tue 8th Dec 2015

hurchill was a giant despite his many faults most of which he recognised;
And, being above it all, laughed off.
Man as huge colossus striding through history even at his worst moments.
Ever history continues to admire him with a hatred that only the truly great can attract.
Remembering Attlee who was very big indeed - in a quiet non-Churchillian way
On hand - doing much for Britain that has now become here to stay -
Nearly anyway - until the NHS is bought up through the TTIP,
Another obscure series of letters aimed at confusing the little people.
Thatcher - well! Maybe not as big as Churchill or as benign as Attlee
But, still, she made a lasting difference to us all - for better or for worse.
I would like to size up our current leaders compared to these three.
I look and search and discern nothing sizeable enough to see.
Age may have retarded my sight
And my vision has become a blight
Turning much day into flickering night
And obscuring all Parliamentary height.
My hearing, though, compensates,
And so I hear the merest whisper
From a spider, ant or any little whimper.
And I hear that 'all things to all men'
- (women step aside please - war is man's work) - say:
That if I objected to bombing Syria
I must be a "terrorist sympathiser".
And I join the hordes screaming "Apologise apologise or the eagle will get your eyes"...
But no apology there was.
Not one word of regret to those exercising a democratic right to say, "No war - not in my name..."
But I could not see him - not because of my vision impaired
Or mind tired, old and despaired
Or hearing sharp and acute as to objection dared.
I saw the Colossus, the Giant and the Great -
And, now, standing at the despatch box, where they stood proud and staid,
Hurling unworthy accusations to "terrorist sympathisers" to upbraid.
I could not see him - the minuscule, the minute, preparing the quagmire to wade.
A Colossus, a Giant, a Great and
An ant as minuscule as a grain of sand.
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