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By common consent (at least among those like me who lived through it), the 'golden age' of broadcasting - at the BBC especially - was that which spanned the 1960s, writes W Stephen Gilbert.

Henry David Thoreau 150th anniversary

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The importance of Henry David Thoreau, the man who told us all we must listen to the world and march to a different drummer, is greater now than the day he died 150 years ago in May 1862, says Miles Caston.

University fees and a recession?

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Sam Hunt says whenever he says that he doesn't believe in the recession, he feels like some sort of conspiracy theorist, yet considering the vast scope of our economy even at a base level it makes him too sceptical to believe that the recession is anywhere near as large as it is made out to be, if not completely non-existent. One such example is the revenue that universities generate.

Alternative music

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Pop dinosaurs head up Britain's Eurovision challenge and the Olympic jamboree. New seasons of X Factor and Pop Idol are being spawned in some modern marketing womb of entertainment hell. They are destroying Britain's reputation as an alternative music powerhouse, writes Miles Caston.

Advantage Hollande

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David Eade on the increase in French left-wing voters and the possibility this might mean victory for Francois Hollande.