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The Holy Land

Sun 6th Dec 2015

A lament for lands once conquered where men were laid to rest,
And bitter feuds at once ensued as God laid down the test.

A golden dome and hillside graves where angels paused a while,
To greet the dead and men who shed their blood with bitter bile.

Many years have passed, without solutions, without peace.
Holy tears shed in fear have not to this day ceased.

Oh Israel! Oh Palestine! Won’t you end this war?
Desperation, escalation, rockets, bombs and more.

Millennial requirements, prophecy which harms;
Scholars speak to the weak, “Both sides lay down your arms”.

Spiritual solutions may breakthrough twisted minds;
A shield of hope, a single rope, we all search for a sign.

Everyone should realise a saviour may not come;
What men were told in days of old may simply make blood run.

All souls should climb the mountain no matter what the height;
A land of peace and olive trees, two wrongs don’t make a right.
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