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Thu 14th Apr 2016

Smooth your finger tips
along the neat stock. Admire
the crisp click as the spring-loader

locks. Feel the machined lip
on the chunk of the grip -
how it fits strong in the grasp

of the hand. Keep us safe, Jeb!
Keep us safe. Now your name's on the block
we know how to lock down our neighbours,

take action on fright. It’s the heart of the gun, see,
the knock-down at night. Take off the trigger guard
as we settle in snug. Hit the guts of our dreams

with the boys in the shade who take lead to get laid -
thirty-three thousand this year alone,
mothered in grief. We saw them, they're gone.

Keep us safe Jeb, keep us safe, while the rest of the world
slumps with broadsheets and tea cups and unmanly words.
It’s the gun in the mind which is loaded and primed [1] .

© Nicola Jackson

[1] Jonathan Jones http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/feb/17/jeb-bush-gun-tweet-american-nightmare-gun-republican-trump

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