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At War with the Economic Pervert

Thu 21st Apr 2016

The poverty plague
Of the neo-slave state
The eternal endimic war
In racist exchange rates.

Futurists and nihilist
Start from apocalyptic trash
Socialists from root and branch
Fundamental, struggling mass.

Disconnect our Facebook,
Connect the place we work
And attach our media 
To what makes us superior

Filled with new markets
Asphyxiating us
In pharmaceutical rackets

Our enemy hides in strange places
In dungeons, the lovers
In dominatrix embraces
Laughing at anonymous class porn 

The undesired, strangled love 
Of beauty and culture
The decrepit beast
Takes its human form

Keeping the animals restrained
In jingoist chains
Making us watch 
As they fuck the pigs brains.

Who suffers to make
The pound shop the viable chain
For those who only
Have a pound to spend

The world can do without
Economic perverts
Hiding in their
Panamanian closets.
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