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What If?

Sat 20th Aug 2016

What if I had listened to my father?
Instead of taking all he said for frothing lather?
What if, as he advised, I had studied to be a businessman?
Instead of becoming a teacher so poor and wan?
What if I had listened and not married her to be?
Twenty years impoverished and then a divorcee?
What if I also did not disobey and emigrate?
To distant dark contents with that infidel rainy state?
What if I had agreed that to obey was best?
Hereafter earning paradise if I passed the test?
Would then everything have been better all in all?
Misery, poverty, tiredness and self pity forestall? 
One thing is certain, too busy being rich in my counting house -
Too ignorant to pen these lines my poor readers my words to espouse.
I know not a 'what if' from a 'what is' -
My readers do - for if only - poor souls wouldn't be reading this!
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