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The Only Way Is Ethics: A Crash Course in Six Parts

Wed 7th Sep 2016

Part Five: What's the Dame Price?

Just in passing, one of the casualities of an ethical approach to public life can be calculated by the widening gap between the pay of FTSE CEOs and their underlings. With average annual pay packets reported by The High Pay Centre at some £5.5 million, these bosses creamed off 144 times the median take-home of your slog-along British worker.

And just to sharpen the sting, none of the top ten highest corporate earners was female.

So that puts into some perspective the salary of Justice Dame Lowell Goddard who recently quit as head of the beleaguered independent child sexual abuse enquiry. She was on a salary of £360,000, which didn't include an annual rental allowance of £110,000, an additional 12 grand for utilities, and first-class travel for her and her family to New Zealand several times a year.

I couldn't care less why she couldn't finish the job, but I would like to know - in light of the fact that not one single witness was called during her term - why she feels that keeping all that money is an ethical choice.
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