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The Wall

Sat 17th Sep 2016

There is a whole new world behind yonder wall,

Standing so imperious, immovable and tall.

It is a world of beauty, silence and peace.

Standing this side, all is noise and sad toil,

People full of misery, memories and tempers fit to boil.

Ours is a world of sheer ugliness and hurts.

I so dearly wanted to go beyond that wall,

And see divine beauty making all sadness pall.

To leave this life behind and live it no more.

But mine was living this side forevermore,

And seeing the green green world nevermore.

All my tears would not cleanse my world of its cruelty.

I, a heathen of yore, knelt and prayed for long,

For a chance to cross over to that land of love so strong.

And prayed again and again for so long.

Suddenly a little door opened and I ran through,

To the brave new world with greenery and life all new.

Wonder of all wonders was what I found.

A new world just like my old with a man like me,

Intoning about the whole new world for me to see

Behind the tall wall where he stood so forlorn.

And I heard an inner voice whispering to the few,

"it's all the same, for the world is in you."

In this new world either side of this tall wall.

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