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Sat 1st Apr 2017

When the blink of our eyes
shatters the frame and we thrive 
shaking the horizon   

Through this statement of pain 
blankness glorifies 
as we cry silence upon silence 

The sand is still
like my words 
frozen in the scent of the future 
I dare not breathe the lie of belonging
I dare not breathe the sigh for sight
its eye a distant memory 

As the square fits into a circle
I bare the disappointment
the misplacement of the rhyme 
the ashes in which we fall

The window breaks
its hinges turn and yearn for time anew
a time when difference is spared from scars
a puzzle piece set out in joyful complexity 

I stare out at the universe
a pale reflection on the millpond of life
without myself, questioning, pricking the stars
Is there light in these mountains? 
one day we will travel without agency
one day there shall be peace

Kay Channon
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