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Crumbling World

Sat 11th Nov 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 17.55.56.png

Image: the old Dude

Ian Hornsby 2017

The world is grey with sickness

spinning out of control

crushed by Capitalism

burnt by Brexit

its smoke yellowed by a sepia frame

Despair dissipates through the eyes of a man

a man who is one of many

a man who knows loss by name

a man who listens well to the emptiness

Oh how he hates this world

this selfish crumbling world

The empty hourglass turns again and again,

marking time

his unblind eyes stare into the muted nucleus of another undying headline

Crying crisis over crisis

over crisis, unborn, soaked in lies

the lies of yet another never-ending crisis

Head drawn

torn down by sorrow

he wishes he could love this world

this broken down crumbling world

About the Author:

Kay is a poet and PhD student at the University of Chichester in West Sussex. Her debut poetry collection The Dark Side of Light was published this year by Bardic Media and is available through Amazon. Her poetic work often explores themes surrounding the human condition, time, and hope.

About the Artist:

Ian is a comic book artist and writer who specialises in creating sequential graphic works that address complex ideas in new and digestible ways. For more information and to view other artwork by Ian please visit: http://ihornsby.co.uk/projects
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