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Two More Trade Unionists Killed in Colombia

Fri 19th Jun 2009

Two teacher trade unionists have been assassinated within days of each other in the conflict-ridden Colombian region of Arauca. Both victims, one of whom was shot dead in the classroom where he worked, were members of the ASEDAR trade union which, in a statement issued after the killings, ask teachers and trade unionists around the world to apply pressure on the Colombian regime to put an end to the killings.

The first murder, on June 9th, saw Pablo Rodriguez Garavito, a teacher for 12 years, gunned down in a classroom in the school in the village of Marrero in the Puerto Rondon area of Arauca. The murder took place at approximately 4pm.

Two days later Jorge Humberto Echeverri, a teacher in the 'Los Colonos' school in the town of Arauquita was assassinated. He left two children and a pregnant wife according to union colleagues.

Justice for Colombia will shortly be publishing a comprehensive chart of all of the trade unionists murdered in the country since early 2007 – a figure which is sadly now well over the one hundred mark.

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