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by Simon Cockle

Mon 3rd Aug 2015
"You've got a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean seeking a better life, wanting to come to Britain" David Cameron ... [read more]

What has education done for you?

by Faysal Mikdadi

Sat 1st Aug 2015
A poem by Dr Faysal Mikdadi dedicated to David Walpole... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Why drone assassinations just don't work

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sun 4th Nov 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in our editorial column... [read more]


by Faysal Mikdadi

Sat 1st Aug 2015
Dr Faysal Mikdadi writes a poem in memory of a Palestinian toddler burnt alive earlier this week by Israeli extremists... [read more]

The Greek Coup: Liquidity as a Weapon of Coercion

by Ellen Brown

Sat 1st Aug 2015
In the modern global banking system, all banks need a credit line with the central bank in order to be part of the payments system... [read more]

EDITORIAL: This is free Europe, never again!

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sat 16th Jun 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

Greece: Alternatives to the Capitulation

by Eric Toussaint

Thu 30th Jul 2015
On 5 July 2015 the Greek people overwhelmingly rejected the austerity measures imposed by the institutions that were known as the Troika... [read more]

Syria: America’s “Inherent Resolve” to Destroy Another Sovereign Nation

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Wed 29th Jul 2015
The US led “coalitions” of recent years have, it seems, moved on from destroying towns, now entire sovereign nations are laid to waste... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Murdoch, Mensch and a new England Manager

by Emmeline Ravilious

Wed 9th May 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

Sheldon's Stooges

by Uri Avnery

Tue 28th Jul 2015
In Japan in the good old days, Binyamin Netanyahu would by now have committed hara-kiri... [read more]

Aleppo a city ravaged by “Islamic State” and Imperialism

by Aleppo resident

Tue 28th Jul 2015
This is a report from an Aleppo resident whose identity is protected for their own security... [read more]

From Liberal Hand-wringing to the Political Economy of Assassination: The Charleston Shootings and Mainstream Society’s Complicity in Murder (Part 1)

by Jonathan M. Feldman

Wed 22nd Jul 2015
The larger social architecture defined by the academic, political and corporate ties of the gun lobby helps explain how we could systematically take the fight to the NRA... [read more]

Labour and benefit cuts‏

by Bryan Gould

Tue 21st Jul 2015
Bryan Gould, former Labour shadow cabinet minister, asks how voters are likely to view a party that so manifestly lacks the courage of its convictions... [read more]


by David Van-Cauter

Tue 21st Jul 2015
A poem by David Van-Cauter... [read more]

Decline of Earth's plant life threatens human life as we know it

by Thomas Riggins

Tue 21st Jul 2015
Dr John Schramski, of the University of Georgia, has recently completed (as lead author) a study of the effects of the over exploitation of Earth’s plant biomass... [read more]

Grexit or Jubilee? How Greek Debt Can Be Annulled

by Ellen Brown

Mon 20th Jul 2015
The crushing Greek debt could be canceled the way it was made – by sleight of hand... [read more]


by Faysal Mikdadi

Sun 19th Jul 2015
A poem from Dr Faysal Mikdadi... [read more]

The Treaty

by Uri Avnery

Sat 18th Jul 2015
What if Binyamin Netanyahu was duped to become unwittingly the main collaborator of Iranian ambitions... [read more]

The Nuclear with Iran and the Prospect of Regional Transformation

by Rachel Kohan

Sat 18th Jul 2015
The long anticipated historic nuclear accords between the P5+1 countries and Iran is now poised to set a new milestone for non-confrontation and dialogue... [read more]

Wednesday, At the Bible Meeting

by Simon Cockle

Thu 16th Jul 2015
Dylann Roof spent an hour in Bible study with parishioners at the nearly 200-year-old Emanuel African Methodist Church before opening fire on them... [read more]

Yemen: A Voice in the Wilderness

by Vanessa Beeley

Tue 14th Jul 2015
Vanessa Beeley interviews a woman who fled Yemen in the wake of the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes against her country... [read more]

Ideological reforms vs Greek democracy

by Bryan Gould

Tue 14th Jul 2015
Bryan Gould, former Labour shadow cabinet minister, explains how Europe is witnessing a triumph of ideology over common sense ... [read more]

“Guerrilla Warfare” Against the EU-ECB-IMF Economic Hegemony: The Challenge and Promise of Greece. The Nationalization of the Banking System

by Ellen Brown

Tue 14th Jul 2015
Greece could restore the liquidity desperately needed by its banks and economy by nationalizing the banks and issuing digital loans backed by government guarantees... [read more]

To the Piraeus 2015

by John Gohorry

Sun 12th Jul 2015
John Gohorry's latest poem... [read more]