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Leader without Glory

by Uri Avnery

Sun 11th Oct 2015
Abu Mazen was very different from Arafat. Arafat was flamboyant, spontaneous, extrovert. Abu Mazen is rather withdrawn, introverted, cautious, meticulous... [read more]

What’s wrong with Britain?

by Lesley Docksey

Sun 11th Oct 2015
One glance on Sunday morning at The Guardian website demonstrated quite clearly what is wrong with Britain – and, probably, the rest of the ‘developed’ world... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Why drone assassinations just don't work

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sun 4th Nov 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in our editorial column... [read more]

Syria: Russian Intervention Exposes Coalition Lies

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Sat 10th Oct 2015
How speedily the lies of the “international community” in general, and those of the US and UK in particular, about the Syrian situation are unraveling since the participation of Russia... [read more]

United-States : the Fed Bails Out Wall Street

by Eric Toussaint

Tue 6th Oct 2015
Part 4 of Eric Toussaint's series: Governments submit to “Too Big to Fail” banks... [read more]

EDITORIAL: This is free Europe, never again!

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sat 16th Jun 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

Afghan Hospital Bombing: Its Meaning

by Thomas Riggins

Tue 6th Oct 2015
Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan... [read more]

Nasser and I

by Uri Avnery

Mon 5th Oct 2015
Forty five years ago Gamal Abd-al-Nasser died at the early age of 52. It continues to have a huge influence on the present, and probably will on the future... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Murdoch, Mensch and a new England Manager

by Emmeline Ravilious

Wed 9th May 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech at the Labour Conference

by Lesley Docksey

Fri 2nd Oct 2015
The politicos still don’t get it. The public do... [read more]

Petition to UK Parliament: Arrest Tony Blair for War Crimes in the Middle East. A few reasons why

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Thu 1st Oct 2015
Tony Blair’s assertions in Parliament in 2002 were integral in the excuse for the illegal invasion and ongoing bloodbath now also engulfing Syria... [read more]

Time for the Nuclear Option: Raining Money on Main Street

by Ellen Brown

Thu 1st Oct 2015
Predictions are that we will soon be seeing the “nuclear option” — central bank-created money injected directly into the real economy... [read more]

The left wing case for quitting the EU

by Thabo Miller

Thu 1st Oct 2015
Much of the left would agree that the European Union does not always function in the best interests of either the European or International working class... [read more]

The Litter Bug!

by Elijah Pryor

Wed 30th Sep 2015
If you want an end to waste, you have to show it to the people, not hide it... [read more]

Election Victory

by Geoffrey Heptonstall

Tue 29th Sep 2015
A poem by Geoffrey Heptonstall... [read more]

The Ministry of Fear

by Uri Avnery

Tue 29th Sep 2015
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself," said President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was wrong... [read more]

Lord Mandelson Speaks

by Bryan Gould

Mon 28th Sep 2015
The most damaging aspect of Lord Mandelson’s initiative, however, is not what is said, but what is not said... [read more]

UN Farce: Saudi Arabia to Head Human Rights Council

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Thu 24th Sep 2015
The UN has appointed Saudi Arabia’s envoy to the United Nations Human Rights Council to head (or should that be “behead”) an influential human rights panel... [read more]

Jack Goody: An Appreciation

by David Morgan

Sun 20th Sep 2015
David Morgan writes an obituary for Jack Goody... [read more]

Monsanto's 'Hand of God': Planned Obsolescence Of The Indian Farmer

by Colin Todhunter

Sat 19th Sep 2015
Global agribusiness is playing fast and loose with poor people’s lives and is profiting handsomely.... [read more]

"Don't Talk Zionism!"

by Uri Avnery

Sat 19th Sep 2015
Decades ago in Israel, "Zionism” was a kind of joke among young people. "Don’t talk Zionism!" meant "Don’t talk highfaluting nonsense!"... [read more]

Corbyn – A Very British Story

by Mark Horner

Thu 17th Sep 2015
Nowhere else in the world of politics, other than in Britain, is there or could there be a Jeremy Corbyn... [read more]

A lurch to the left

by Bryan Gould

Thu 17th Sep 2015
Bryan Gould, former Labour shadow cabinet minister, explains why Jeremy Corbyn's campaign appealed to those who are disturbed by increased poverty and widening inequality... [read more]

PSL statement on Jeremy Corbyn’s election as British Labour Party Leader

by Liberation

Mon 14th Sep 2015
On becoming Leader, Corbyn also became Leader of the Opposition to the current Conservative government of David Cameron... [read more]