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The USSR – the Democracy You Didn’t Know About

by Kate Zagoskina

Wed 6th May 2015
Kate Zagoskina explains the origins of democracy and it various manifestations throughout history... [read more]

The American role in reshaping the future of the Middle East

by Rachel Kohan

Tue 5th May 2015
The imminent prospect of a comprehensive accord between Iran and the P5+1... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Why drone assassinations just don't work

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sun 4th Nov 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in our editorial column... [read more]

A Boy Called Bibi

by Uri Avnery

Mon 4th May 2015
There are two different opinions about Binyamin Netanyahu. It is difficult to believe that they concern the same person... [read more]

Governments submit to “Too Big to Fail” banks (part 1)

by Eric Toussaint

Mon 4th May 2015
Since 2007, the major Central Banks of the most industrialised countries have lent massively to private banks at very low interest rates in order to avoid their failure... [read more]

EDITORIAL: This is free Europe, never again!

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Sat 16th Jun 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

Absolutely Bloody Bonkers!

by Lesley Docksey

Sun 26th Apr 2015
At a Badger Trust seminar a few days later a great debate took place between both pro and anti-cull experts... [read more]

Kissinger and Shultz on 'The Iran Deal'

by Thomas Riggins

Sun 26th Apr 2015
The Wall Street Journal on 8 April turned over an entire editorial page to former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and George Shultz... [read more]

EDITORIAL: Murdoch, Mensch and a new England Manager

by Emmeline Ravilious

Wed 9th May 2012
The London Progressive Journal gives its take on current events in the latest editorial... [read more]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic

by Ellen Brown

Sat 25th Apr 2015
On April 22, 2015, the Senate Finance Committee approved a bill to fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)... [read more]

Cats in a Sack

by Uri Avnery

Fri 24th Apr 2015
A fight is going on. A fight of all against all. A fight without rules or limits... [read more]

Tariq Aziz’s Son: “Time is not on our side.”

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Fri 24th Apr 2015
24th April 2015, Twelfth Anniversary of a US Travesty of Justice... [read more]

The Riderless Horse

by John Lane

Wed 22nd Apr 2015
There were events in 1951 which helped shape the subsequent history of much of the world... [read more]

Mr Cameron, The Tories & the mirage of compassionate conservatism: compelled to justify neoliberal politics at #ge2015?

by Dr Chaminda Weerawardhana

Wed 22nd Apr 2015
As the British election campaign gathers momentum, it is of interest to reflect upon some aspects of the key debates... [read more]

"There Are Still Judges…"

by Uri Avnery

Sun 19th Apr 2015
This week I won a dubious distinction: a groundbreaking Supreme Court judgment has been named after me. It is an honor I would have gladly dispensed with.... [read more]

Just when hope and courage are called for, Labour promises bean-counting

by George Monbiot

Fri 17th Apr 2015
Labour’s focus on cutting the deficit means progressive voters will have to look elsewhere for inspiration, writes George Monbiot.... [read more]

A New Israeli-Palestinian Discourse

by Faysal Mikdadi

Wed 15th Apr 2015
There is a need for both Israelis and Palestinians to change their discourse which is based on a mixture of rewriting history, expansionist aims, victimhood and endless conspiracy theories where none exist... [read more]

Cultural Zoroastrianism: The Commonality amongst the South-Central-West Asians

by David Rahni

Tue 14th Apr 2015
The people of Zoroastrian faith, ethnically Persian, can be traced back in history for over 4,000 years... [read more]

Preaching rebirth and home; practicing death abroad

by Felicity Arbuthnot

Tue 14th Apr 2015
England’s Easter was the culmination of recent events which have brought the would-be great and good to their knees - and knee deep in hypocrisy... [read more]

National Unity

by Uri Avnery

Sun 12th Apr 2015
My first reaction after the election was: “Oh, no! Not a National Unity Government, please!... [read more]

English Heritage – with the UK’s general election ever closer, whose culture are we ‘celebrating’?

by Lesley Docksey

Thu 9th Apr 2015
I fear the outcome of the general election; I fear the deals made by politicians desperate to stay in power, deals that will further harm the disadvantaged poor... [read more]

A poem for The Great Shimomura

by Anonymous

Thu 9th Apr 2015
There once was a man who had a plan to double the income of Japan... [read more]

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bomb?

by Uri Avnery

Tue 7th Apr 2015
My father once taught me how to withstand blackmail: imagine that the awful threat of the blackmailer has already come about. Then you can tell him: Go to hell... [read more]

How America Became an Oligarchy

by Ellen Brown

Tue 7th Apr 2015
According to a new study from Princeton University, American democracy no longer exists... [read more]