An Open Appeal to American Voters

February 8, 2008 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Here we go again. Another election race underway for the seat of power in the White House. Historically, you may elect a female, a Mormon or a black male to represent you in government. However, these are early days and there could well be many changes en route prior to the election of the new president. I would like to urge Americans to do their research and elect the right person for the job. The people you choose to represent you by virtue of your vote can make an incredible difference. A truly successful election must be one in which all voters are informed about all the policies their candidates stand for, and what they don’t stand for.

The current election race in the United States is taking centre-stage because Americans (rather unfortunately) elected an idiot, twice, to represent them. Those of us who are watching from all areas of the world are watching closely. The credibility of your nation is in tatters, no thanks in part to “Dubya.” Nonetheless, you elected him and you have thus had to live with the consequences. None more so than those still being held without charge at Guantanamo Bay, or those suffering with daily suicide bombings and food and fuel shortages such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan or Palestine.

George Bush’s legacy will no doubt be in great contention given the divisive nature of your country. The last election clearly highlighted the fact that although you disagree with his policies, you would stay the course while conflict endures.

I am appealing to your better, more intellectual natures. Consider that a celebrity endorsement does not a president make. It should only highlight how important it is to cast your vote. Many, many of you did not vote in the last election, and in hindsight, perhaps it would not have made so much of a difference. However, with your apathy and your desire to maintain the status quo you have unwittingly shaped the course of your nation’s history.

You are so quick to judge other people, other cultures you do not understand. Yet, you are never willing to hear what bumbling fools you look like to the rest of us. And yes, it is very easy for us to sit in our not over sized chairs from overseas and say “if I were American, I would never have voted for him.” So kudos to you for actually having the effrontery to elect a terrorist to run the country. Did his father’s example teach you nothing? How many wars or conflicts must America have before you realise that your allies are seeking other forms of friendship?

All that dim-witted Dubya has done is ruin millions of lives. However, this writer must take great issue with those who elected him and chose to have that man represent the “free world,” while he made issues about weapons of mass destruction and axes of evil.

Here are the real axes of evil: uninformed voters, puppet presidents and disenfranchisement. And the real weapons of mass destruction: ignorance, apathy, territoriality and stupidity. All of which mainstream America has in abundance. Though I suppose none of Dubya’s spin doctors managed to tell him that. I urge you to ‘be the change you want to see in the world,’ as Gandhi once said. Instead of letting a celebrity or an exit poll tell you what you should be thinking, make an informed decision about what is really important to you, and your candidate of choice. Vote for that candidate only if you think he or she will be the candidate to best represent your interests; that is the power of your vote. Use with care and dignity.

In this appeal to you, I entreat you to use your vote to bring positive change to your country. Consider the millions of people around the world who marched in peaceful demonstrations against the war in Iraq and who were blatantly ignored. Consider the economic recession with which your country is now faced. Consider the “daddy’s boy” who would not have otherwise been elected to govern a box of chocolate. Consider the racial profiling many innocent people have had to endure; a direct result of the ignorance of your administration proliferating messages of hatred and intolerance while speaking of peace and tolerance. Conversely, consider the lack of support your troops are receiving on their returns home or even in the field. Consider the “inconvenient truth” about climate change when your president could not wait to begin drilling in the Beaufort Sea near Alaska to get at the oil. Consider Dubya’s platform on education and your illiteracy rates. Many of you are facing a debt crisis and help is far at hand.

You elected a hypocrite and I have no doubt that many, many of you will disagree with my words. That is your prerogative.

These words however, are mine.

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