Can the far-right be blamed for their Ignorance?

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For years now the debate over choices of far-right supporters has created social and ethical tensions. Since the political rumble of the 1970s and 1980s, which sparked far-left and far-right tensions, the far-right membership has increased and declined more than any other political following.

Media reports suggest a recent decline in the membership of the BNP following the calamities surrounding Nick Griffin and finances. Are the supporters of far-right organisations such as UKIP and BNP educated to the point of being able to make a considered and well thought out decision on their political allegiance? Or are the far-right supporters’ un-educated and led into choosing fascism by opportunistic elites? I decided to find out.

According to one of the latest Office of National Statistics report around 591,000 people migrated to the UK and around 339,000 people had left. The largest influx was from India at 129,000 and second to that was Poland (62,000), this was certainly significant to the points being made by the far-right organisations, but what they failed to acknowledge was the other 273,000 immigrants coming in from so called ‘First World’ ‘Core’ countries. The second largest Western influx came from our ‘neighbouring best capitalist friends’, the USA (53,000) and coming in at first place was the other neo-liberal giant Australia (60,000).

I’m not anti-immigration but I wish to pose the question why wouldn’t the BNP or UKIP mention this rather significant influx from the West? Surely if it were true about the ‘foreigners taking our jobs’ why would it be okay for an American or Australian to do the same and get off ‘scot-free’. Mainstream media has also been a player in the manipulation and fabrication of discriminate preaching about foreign influx, the Daily Mail being the biggest offender. The far-right and supporting media has not only managed to manipulate the situation but also created totally fabricated issues about Non-EU immigrants ‘coming over to our country and stealing our benefits’.

Secondly I’d like to highlight that over 25 per cent of NHS workers in London are foreign and nearly 8 per cent of NHS workers nationally are illegal immigrants, not that we should justify our argument for the sakes that they contribute but also highlight that it is within every person’s right to move around the world as they please, we don’t own the land the land owns us!

What is the average synopsis of a BNP voter then? According to the Fabian Society, ‘voters and more likely to be older’ and ‘live in the north’. Rushnara Ali of the Labour Party claims that ‘white working class feel powerless and end up turning towards the right as political parties do not head their calls’.

I decided to look at the ‘worst educated areas in the UK’ and found that a lot of Northern towns and cities were in the list (according to the Guardian), Bolton had on average 14.6 per cent of the population without any qualifications, Liverpool West 26.82 per cent, Blackburn 20 per cent and Manchester Blackley 25 per cent etc. If you were to say ‘qualifications of A-level and above’ you’d see much higher percentage across the board, certainly educational deprivation is a situation the far right like to exploit. Pass rates for GCSE’s are also falling low with Buckinghamshire outlining one of the worst at 33.2 per cent.

So does this mean that every fascist supporter is unaware of the harm they are doing? The answer is a resounding ‘no’. The elites who run the organisations are well aware of what they are doing; they are nothing but ‘power hungry’ and ‘arrogant’, by exploiting the working class and their woes, turning people into monsters.


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