The Zionist reaction to the death of 10 Palestinian children in a bus fire

February 19, 2012 5:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This video (see was taken earlier this week when 10 Palestinian children were killed and 20 were injured while travelling on a bus that caught fire in a horrific collision between the bus and an Israeli truck east of Ramallah.

I can say nothing, I am too sad and sick, but here is a snapshot of what the Zionists in Israel said on Facebook translated into Arabic.

I hope a courageous Jew will translate into English what I think are the most disgusting comments about the horrific fire where they wish similar incidents would kill all Palestinian children.

Here you can see the fire and hear the screaming children while burning alive.
After only 41 minutes of the news of the death of the children, the story was up on Jewish Facebook accounts.

An Israeli woman – whose name is given as Ajala Cali – got 10 thumbs up for saying: ‘That’s good, the number of terrorists will go down’

While ‘Itai Viltzig’ got nine thumps up for saying: ‘Thank God that they are Palestinians, I wish everyday there would be such bus accident.’

This, in my opinion, just goes to show how civilized and kind those people are.

Iqbal Tamimi
Director for Arab Women Media Watch Centre in the UK


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