Revolution in Spain

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Sunday 16th December: “La Marea Blanca” (white tidal wave of health workers) in Madrid marches for the fourth time. There have already been two general strikes and many hundreds of assorted demonstrations nationwide. In the entire history of Spain, no democratically elected government has ever been so unpopular. Spanish workers and unemployed are sick to death of neocapitalist doctrine, exploitation, lies and corruption.

Now the government is closing hospitals and schools and privatising facilities randomly. 46% of young Spaniards are unemployed. People who worked “yesterday” are on the street today, with no home and no job. Some of these people have permanent health problems, but free health care and medicine is denied to them because they are unemployed. They are left to die in misery while President Mariano Rajoy treats himself regularly to “official suppers” costing well in excess of €1000, for him alone, all at the state’s expense.
The police are coerced into greater and greater acts of repression by an increasingly alarmed government. And all too often, the police identity numbers are concealed. Protesters trying to stop the many thousands of “deshucios” (house evictions on mortgage defaults) are threatened arrest and with fines of up to €24,000. At the demonstrations journalists are beaten and arrested and sometimes their cameras are confiscated or smashed. One protester has already lost an eye in a brutal and unnecessary police attack.
Many Spaniards would like to grab arms now and fight, but that isn’t possible. Instead, the activists (who number hundreds of thousands) confine themselves to (mainly) peaceful demonstrations, publicity and networking. They are waiting for their opportunity to force new elections and a new constitution. If that happens, it will be bye-bye to this government, the King, NATO, the UIP police corps and neocapitalism in Spain. So keep your eyes on Spain, because what we are witnessing is the early days of an anti-capitalist revolution!

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