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O Chavez!
Do you know
why you must live?
The candles of hope
have just been lit,
we know it’s hard for you these days
to breathe
but miles have to be covered
from the west to the east
from you they have learnt
to claim what is theirs
before it,
your people were governed
by the Oval office and
The Wall Street

From Latin America to Europe
they have followed your
the morning of humanitarian
is compelling the sun to rise from
the South.
We remember the coup against you
and what it was all about!
But remember it were your people
who drove the D.C. puppets out
they locked you for the whole night
and gave you nothing to eat
the whole of Caracas stood by your
revolutionary feat
and when they showed
the selective footage with
people against you
within a day the world found out
how far were they from being true

They think you’re another Kim Sung Il
and more dangerous than Laden
they address you as a dictator
say you are against anything modern.
But this alone proves their fears
as the heat of the resistance intensifies
how many more people will have fill the
streets to make them understand
that South America is no more
their garden
and so what if he turns to Fidel
he at least doesn’t send drones to nations
which refuse his hegemony
and as far as Rafael Correa famously put:
why don’t they ask for a fair deal
we will allow an American base at Manta
if they allow us one in Miami!

O Chavez!
do you know,
the light is for you to show
nations who have just stood
on their feet
for people who have just tasted
don’t leave them at the mercy of
another coup
let them grow,
let them know
the path in the South
is as free to walk
as they popularly voted for you
queuing under the 3am glow
the dollar can’t buy
the smile of the poor,
it feels threatened
by the ongoing show
as Bolivar unified the Latino
you have done the same through

Chavez! O Chavez!
Don’t go, for the candle of light
has been lit
we know its hard these days
to breathe
but miles have to be covered
from the west to the east.


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