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Dear Mr. President,

I hope that you are well. I was sorry to hear that you have been upset by that rogue President Putin. He is, indeed, very naughty and he should have his assets, including his family jewels, frozen forthwith.

However, Mr. President, I am, as has become habitual these days, overwhelmed by the mind boggling double standards exhibited by your United States of America and by your parrot, the British Secretary of State for the Foreign Office William Vague (although I dislike predictive spelling on I-Phones, it does, Mr. President, occasionally, behave very intelligently).

Mr. President, I have the greatest sympathy with Ukrainians seeing their country rent asunder by various unconscionable trouble makers both in Kiev and in Crimea. I disapprove of the way that President Putin is behaving regardless of the reasons that he and his supporters trump up to justify the illegal annexation of Crimea and – in time – whole swathes of eastern Ukraine – as your compatriots’ did a few hundred years ago – creeping slowly Westwards and Southwards on the flimsiest of excuses fabricated as per need.

You must admit, dear Mr. President, that the hypocrisy of the United States and Britain is even worse than President Putin’s behaviour.

Let me explain before someone of your sensitive nature feels hurt by my silly words. Mr. President, as soon as the polls closed in Crimea with the exit poles indicating a majority voting to join Russia on the evening of 16 March 2014, White House Spokesperson Jay Carney gave a very odd statement. I wondered if you even knew about it since it opens your country to terrifying accusations of double standards which a man of your known Christian compassion would baulk at because they are so shocking.

He said the following: ” In this century, we are long past the days when the international community will stand quietly by while one country forcibly seizes the territory of another.”

You have always told us that the seizure of one country’s territory by another was undoubtedly always wrong. What makes Mr. Carney’s statement hypocritical is the fact that those who came before you in the United States and Britain have stood aside since 1967 since Israel has been in occupation of Palestinian lands. Not you, of course, Mr. President for your moral courage in pleading with Israel to walk in Palestinian shoes is well known and highly respected – perhaps forgetting that shoes are luxury items to us penniless savages.

Indeed Mr. President, the Western world has “looked the other way” since 1949 when Israel took a further 20% or so of historical Palestine than had been allocated to the Jewish Homeland by the United Nations.

Mr. President, I happen to be fortunate enough to wear Palestinian shoes and to walk in them. In my Palestinian shoes, I find, and please forgive my perversity for saying this, the occupation of Palestinian lands has caused untold misery to us Palestinians – as indeed it still does. The world has looked the other way as Jewish Settlers have contravened every international law conceivable.
Indeed, there have been endless United Nations Reaolutions demanding that Israel withdraws, that Palestinians are given the ‘Right of Return’, that Israel stop demolishing Palestinian homes and so much more… Ah, Mr. President, my shoes do hurt so much, Sir…

Mr. Carney, Mr. President, went on to say that “Russia’s actions are dangerous and destabilizing. The UN Security Council recognised this in a vote yesterday that only Russia opposed.” Now, I know for a fact that a cerebral and highly educated man of your calibre would know his history and so would never allow Mr. Carney to say such a silly thing.

Clearly the American Government has been outraged by Russia using its veto power for its own benefit. Presumably, though, the Americans are never quite outraged when they themselves use their right of veto to benefit of Israel as they have done endless times over the last few decades – before you thankfully arrived and started your Sterling work on establishing a Palestinian State, helped by such wonderful people as Tony Blair who, despite being very busy advising tabloid editors and unelected Presidents, is teaching us Palestinians how to avoid the trap of misrule and corruption, by John Kerry whose forceful character terrifies the Israelis into allowing us a little strip between the Jordan Valley and our lovely Wall which we are so lucky to have to draw pictures on… So many are helping us, Mr. President like the Egyptians who closed our exit from Gaza to help us stay immune from any potential infective diseases coming in – like military rule, like democracy being ignored, like the army taking over and such other viruses.

Anyhow, Mr. President, a man of your calibre knows his history. Your promises made at two separate elections were wonderful, like Romantic poetry – so liberating even if nothing is done about them. Words are such a comfort, Mr. President.

By all means, Mr. President, condemn Russia for being a bully. Do the same to Israel. Ask Russia to stay away from Ukraine. Tell Israel to withdraw from occupied Palestinian lands. Tell Russia that its Russian puppets in Crimea are behaving illegally. Tell Jewish Settlers that they are also behaving illegally. Tell Russia to stop abusing its Veto power. And instruct your UN Representative to stop abusing your Veto power to the benefit of Israel.

Sanctions against Russia by the USA and the EU are an excellent response. Would you also impose travel restrictions on Israeli Jewish Settlers and their supporters in Israel, freeze Netanyahu’s bank accounts and investments in the West…

As that great icon of American liberty and courage, John Wayne, used to say – so aptly, “Like hell you will”, Mr. President.

And you wonder, Barak Hussein Obama, why the Arab man and woman in the street despairs of you and your double standards? Actually, Mr. President, it is only the Arab man in the street since Arab women are largely invisible – a little like Christian compassion in Washington and the Western World.

Mr. President, forgive me for saying it, but you sicken me. I do not look for justice from you, any more than I would look for justice from a heavily armed Zionist soldier dispossessing my remaining Palestinian compatriots having already successfully dispossessed me with your country’s help.

Thank you for not listening Mr. President.

Once again, I am so sorry that President Putin is being so bad. He is young. He will learn in time.
Read more here:http://www.thestate.com/2014/03/16/3329987/white-house-statement-on-crimean.html#storylink=cpy

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