God’s Promise

August 2, 2014 9:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts

May your God damn you for your murderous thoughts,

Your cruelty and your utterly sickening indifference

To our plight, our deaths, our injuries and our Diaspora.

As you sit in your comfortable homes on your free lands,

Let us have a thought falling alongside your biscuit crumbs

Made wet by dunking in your tea as we are dunked in blood

And overwhelming hatred for all that you call God’s Will.

And when your child is born and you teach it the story of The Promise

And, how, that villain Muhammad stole Palestine,

Just for the sheer hell of it and just to annoy the real God,

And when you watch the Palestinian headless baby held up,

Now ” Eyeless in Gaza ” and then, when you turn to your delicious Sunday dinner,

After your hypocritical prayers – give us a thought.

Just one thought.

Deny not your God. Deny not His Promise . Deny not your faith.

Just look at us and see that our redness

Is blood oozing from a cut not of us but borne by us,

That our tears are just salted homesickness

The kind you feel when on a short holiday,

Except ours is a permanent holiday.

Look at our dead piled up indifferently In the name of your faith and belief.

Deny us not our pain and our hurt.

For, my friends, we are human like you.

Our tears are salted like yours but now more frequent.

Our blood is red like yours but now more on show.

Our souls once born free just like yours but now oppressed.

And our children born innocent just like yours but now filled with hate.

Our loves permanent just like yours but now cut short by a bullet.

Our homes precious just like yours but now lived in by others.

Our laughter welcome just like yours but now drowned in loss.

And our lives God given just like yours but now taken by others.

Keep all that you have and just Give us some look of pity

For all we now have is pity
As our homeland and our security.

Meanwhile, keep pretending to yourselves

That your faith is about Love and Forgiveness

As long as the love is not of us

And the Forgiveness is all theirs for Dispossessing us, murdering our loved ones

And taking our homes.

And continue to lecture us on The Promise .

As if we had no feelings

No life

No liberty

And no God.

May your God damn you for this cruelty.

Evermore a thorn in our heart and

A reminder of an injustice born out of your cruel fairy tales.

And may He forgive you your cruelty,

And us our enduring injustice.


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This post was written by Faysal Mikdadi

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