Sacred Cows for slaughter

January 1, 2015 11:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

All religions are based on desperation to avoid the inevitability of death. When we die, we die and that’s the end of us unless our bodies can, in some way, be recycled. Allegiance to gods is not an excuse for any crime, let alone wars, occupations and pogroms. Cutting someone’s head off because of his/her religious adherence or non-adherence is not the action of anyone who possesses a rational or humane ethical code, whether based on belief in gods or not.

Soldiers are no more deserving of our care and sympathy than anyone else. A person who is disabled in an accident or by a medical condition should not be discriminated against and all treatment given to people injured on active service in a war should be available to everyone else as well. 

If people refused to fight then their governments would not be able to achieve the economic gains they seek through acts of violence. People perform acts of heroism daily; that someone is courageous in a war situation does not make the decision to join an army or militia justifiable. 

People who speak different languages or come from a different ethnic background have as much right to social security and to live wherever in the world they feel safe as anyone else. That someone’s skin is of a darker hue does not make that person less susceptible to pain and suffering.

People who were taught at private schools in their youth are no more delicate in nature or better qualified to chair a committee, act as our representative or present the BBC news that the rest of us; neither are their taste buds better developed than anyone else’s.

Many things can pre-determine a person’s destiny but none of them have anything to do with astrology. No-one has a “star sign” regardless of their date and time of birth. Dead people do not send messages to anyone, and people who claim that they can pass on such messages are liars. 

Enjoy the winter.

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