Ghosts of evils past

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Seventy years ago Hell’s furnaces were extinguished

Auschwitz’s cold iron gates flew open forever

Only a museum and dark memories remain

Where once stood a human battery farm

Evil’s corporeal form was destroyed

But its malevolent spirit hibernated, awaiting rebirth

To find new minds to poison with its Weltanschauung

New hands to hold its banners and carry out its pogroms

The liberating nation’s current leader isn’t invited

But the architect of a modern Pogrom attends

He condemns past atrocities in one land

Whilst ordering new ones next door

History is fed through a kaleidoscope

To be rewritten in the ruling classes’ image

Work brings freedom; war brings peace

The IMF provides a loan to fund the extermination in the East

The army of conscripts – young, poor and compelled

Are the raw material for imperialism’s fight

The determined oligarchs spend millions on war

A Zagratotirad pushes Ukraine’s youth to die

Bandera’s spirit is reborn within his grandchildren

Torchlit parades and SS symbols reappear after 70 years

“Ukraine über Alles!” is their rallying cry

They orgasm at the thought of another Odessa massacre

The extermination goes not to plan

The spirit of 1941 awakes after decades dormant

The essence of Stalingrad and Sobibor reborn

To face the dark forces of reaction

The hero cities of Donetsk and Lugansk

Prove their resolve against the invader

National independence sold for a cookie

Nuremberg’s ghosts came to Maidan Nezalezhnosti

“The nation must be strong and pure”.

How easily millions march to the same war trumpet?

Against an enemy that refuses to invade

Money, media and racial malice mixed in the Devil’s cauldron.

The ‘Chocolate King’s’ power is melting away

Imperialism picks its pawns one day, discarding them the next

When all is said and done – what now Ukraine?

Are you freer today than a year ago?

Perhaps a new Maidan to cleanse with more blood

The slaughter and autocracy that followed the previous one.

The Ministry of Truth declares “4000 Russians killed so far”

As Mariupol’s suburbs await liberation

When Western money and Eastern gas cease to flow

Who then will pick up the tab?


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