The American role in reshaping the future of the Middle East

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With the imminent prospect of signing a comprehensive accord between Iran and the P5+1 by the end of June, the pivotal American/Western policy must now inevitably focus on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all. At its heart, this policy requires a most decisive, level-handed and frankly unprecedented American brinkmanship to grant the Palestinians equal dignified sovereignty and security rights based on the 1948 and 1967 UN Resolutions, similar to what the Israelis have justifiably enjoyed for almost 70 years. The alternative is to declare a secular unified nation of fifteen million where one person has one vote.

At an underpinning prerequisite Israel, who will continue benefiting from her joint defence and protection accords with the US, must declare and eliminate its arsenal of nuclear weapon stockpiles and sign onto NPT protocols and transparent IAEA inspections. Finally, south-southwest Asia aka the Middle East must be declared a nuclear weapons free zone by reining in other countries such as India and Pakistan.

Such efforts will in turn yield positive outcomes in the region that benefit all:

1. Facilitating education, employment and an enhanced quality of life for all, alongside socio-economic and political reforms.

2. Improving the lot of the disenfranchised and thus removing a recruiting tool for terrorist groups such as ISIS.

3. Ushering in a new era of economic and trade cooperation, as well as cultural exchanges, among the countries of the region as well as with the West.

4. Allowing the repatriation of millions of exiles in the diaspora, including Jews, to their ancestral homelands.

5. Strengthening a vast regional market spanning from west China, central Asia, Asia Minor and the Balkans to North Africa, estimated to be worth up to an additional trillion dollars a year.

6. Once again allowing this historical region to regain its dignified stature as it becomes fully integrated with the international community.

The Author, born in Iran in a diverse family comprised of the Shiite and Sunni Muslims as well as Baha’i, Jewish, Armenian/Assyrian Christians and Zoroastrian lineage, is a naturalised American Professor who has resided in the US for nearly forty years. As the steward of nature, she has come to believe in and advocate for secular universal humanism, equal [blind] justice and peace for all on earth.

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