Refugee Camp

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“God! That photograph of the Palestinian Camp looks Biblical. Almost apocalyptic.

Heart breaking.

But it does show
That God’s hand is in all of this.
Theirs is the Promised Land and the Palestinians

Are Muslim invaders who should move on.

Ah! The Lord is so wise, so gentle, so just

And so jealous… Amazing… ”

And she crossed herself several times as she handed back

The photograph
Containing a tent city

Under that jealous God’s angry dark clouds

Covering endless Muslims who are hell bent on destroying Jews and Christians (who, in Israel, are not Arabs really…)

“Muslims are fake,” she added, smiling lovingly.

“Like a fake five Dollar bill. It almost takes you in… but then you look and you know better.

Only the Lord is real… all else is fake…” and her big eyes twinkle –

Affectionately at the Palestinian friend’s face –

Little seeing the deep hurt of his lacerated heart and home

That fake refugee bastard seeking redress for his people’s sins… down a dark hot still alleyway

steps crunching forward
a knock loud and dark
like a grandfather clock passing time I have come are you ready

steps upwards left another knock thundering
birds twittering for time

down a dark hot windstilled alleyway questions fly hard territorial words who am I where are we
the only reply from mass graves with plenty of time


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This post was written by Faysal Mikdadi

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