The wreckage of a soul

November 14, 2015 3:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Drifting in the fevered winter of a desolate mind
The captive pursuit of status and power a daily grind
In such a space the stilled bells of conscience no longer toll
For travailing arduously against sense and dignity many lose their soul

The lure of a total materialistic apex never quite complete
Ever more surreptitiously insatiable want relentlessly compete
While false friends intentfully slither to the glamoured realm
Circumventing inconvenient legalities to steady the corporate helm

Navigating a scathing moral desert dizzily coursing chartered loopholes
Erring wondrously in self contained dimly lit halls
Hearts scarred by petrified crevasses of decayed compassion
Litter a once internally empathetic constitution

When seduced by the prospect of riches galore
Ruthless slobbering ooze profusely from every sinew and pore
Imperceptibly descending into the final winding folds of perdition
Will an auspicious epiphany occur ushering in providential redemption?

Now but a refracted shadow of a silhouetted ghost
Scavenge voraciously on the discarnate host
Shackled to the self wrought chains of deceitful manipulation
Condemned to roam the desolate space of self annihilation

Until per chance for an age perhaps
Seeped in the restorative waters of profound contrition
Redeemed, arise anew in humility
Rectitude, empathy, purpose and communion

Soraya Boyd is CEO and Founder of Facilitate Global and can be contacted by email


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