What Did Christ Look Like?

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They miss the point – they really do.
Whenever their concoctions they brew. 
This is what Christ looked like, they decide:
Blond, blue eyed, swarthy, brown eyed.
He was a Palestinian Jew who brought a new faith.
In truth he did once in Jewish Palestine without much graith.

It matters little what Jesus looked like so long ago
Or if His looks were of a European or Arab beau.
More – much more – important is where Jesus sits
In hearts as if He were divided into a billion bits. 

The child went looking for Jesus:
In the rain sodden fields of England,
The snow capped mountains of Lebanon,
The wheat fields of hungry North America,
The deep forests of Amazonia,
Israel, Germany, Persepolis, Babylon
Or many other places here and there.

So where is He?
Today. Yesterday. And tomorrow. 

Asked the little child lisping His name. 
“Why doth he hide tho? I thee Him not?”

“I do!” said the Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Afghani refugee. 
“I do!” said the poverty stricken orphan, single mother, student. 
“I do!” said the dying victim of disease, ignorance and cruelty. 
“I do!” said the tired, the weary and the crushed. 
“I do!” lied the churchman, priest, prophets and minister.
“I do!” mendaciously sang the Prime Minister, President and the judge. 

“I do!” said each and every single needful person 
Washing their forgiven sins with His tears
Shed for all we have done, do and will do for thousands of years. 

If you see Him then you have nought.

If you know him then you have aught.

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This post was written by Faysal Mikdadi

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