How To Get Fat

December 24, 2015 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

at the end of empire

we looked to the West

fell in

with the new super-power

who gave us secret chicken

and we got fat

with ideas

of Kerouac and Blackwood

not realising

that these bums were outsiders

unspoken lovers

of the underside of the God damned USA

being the older brother

with words

between us

we re-invented the wagon wheel


the great backyard of America

where artists

(who make it in L.A or New York)

come from

wild tracts

of Iowa and Wyoming

with skin tight aesthetics

fragile egos and cowboy hats

how we got fat

was swallowing Pollock and Stevens

and nine yards

of a university storage facility

we used to count our ribs

now we can’t

and like Elvis

we’ll die by burger and shake

on the make

we ate a whole country

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