Living in the age of austerity

February 24, 2016 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Living in the age of austerity,
The killing of all chance of prosperity.
When the poor man’s hopes and dreams are a rarity,
and the rich man’s love and charity is a scarcity,
and the screw turns tighter and, the poor are losing the fight to,
keep on keeping on, and the sick are weeping from
the attacks and the cuts, no ifs and no buts
they’re dying in their thousands, and I don’t know how can
the rich sleep while the poor weep, and the media seep
their lies, getting spun, as society’s fabric’s undone
while they drink champagne and the poor campaign
for a small piece of the pie, their part of the sky,
a chance to dream, a chance to believe in,
something more, but the media are deceiving,
while the poor are grieving, and the rich keep on receiving,
piling up their mountains of money, thinking it’s all so funny
blaming it on the sick, the poor and immigration,
while it’s their tax avoidance and evasion,
their greed that’s the root of all abominations,
and that’s why they’re bombing other nations
for oil, money and power, killing and displacing millions,
whilst the arms traders earn billions,
selling their weapons to all sides of the conflict
respectable businessmen? they should all be convicts
causing millions of deaths and refugees, fleeing the disease, devastation and starvation to be met with enraged populations,
ordinary people who’ve swallowed their media lies
fed to them by their corporations who demonise
with their racist and bigoted cries:
it’s the sick, the unemployed, the immigrants and working poor,
anyone as long it doesn’t fall at the rich man door,
anything so long as it serves the rich to divide and rule,
they don’t care, how cruel,
about the pain and suffering they’re inflicting
on the innocent victims, it’s they who are restricting
our aspirations, they who are performing the castrations,
destroying the the lives of our future generations.

Living in the age of austerity:
witnessing them murder our posterity.

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This post was written by Rachel Kirk

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