A Word in a Minister’s Ear (for the attention of Cabinet)

March 16, 2016 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Wanting us to remain
you say leaving would be a nightmare
for perhaps the next fifty years.

The perils of extrication.
The uncertainty of markets elsewhere.
Loss of EU investment.
Job losses, price rises.
Increased risks to security

Wanting us to leave
you say staying would be a nightmare
for perhaps the next fifty years.

The erosion of sovereignty.
The dead hand of bureaucracy.
Increased EU charges.
The crises of EU migration.
Increased risks to security.

Why all this talk of nightmares?
Why are you trying to scare us?

We are not children.
We are plumbers, labourers, doctors, musicians, bricklayers.

We are refuse collectors, architects, landscapers, midwives, poets.
We are UK citizens, all with our different opinions.

I don’t believe what you say
when you say we should leave.

All sovereign states need to compromise.
Occam’s Razor must mitigate Parkinson’s Law.
Rich states should bear costs in proportion.
The central message of Buddhism is not ‘Every man for himself’.
Only teamwork will catch the terrorist.

I don’t believe we should leave.
I believe we should remain.

Wanting us to remain
you should spell out the benefits
that come with remaining.

Moderation of sovereignty.
Extension of human rights.
Ongoing investment in regions.
Ongoing access to markets.
Ongoing Union with Scotland.
Privileged trading terms.
Enhancement of brotherhood.

These are what will persuade us,
the things you should be saying.

Give over Acropolis Now.
Give us credit for something.

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