Believe In Bernie: Support and Vote for Sanders!

April 14, 2016 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The current presidential primaries, more than ever overshadowed by unrehearsed theatrics, defamation and slander, rhetoric and scandal, and litigation and prosecution, are seriously leading our great nation to a critical crossroads in US history. The original group of 23 republican contenders rapidly shrank to 17, and over the past few weeks has dramatically decreased to three candidates. Since the outset of the democratic campaign, there have been practically two candidates who continually voice their ideas and beliefs in the court of public opinion. Most, if not all, Americans irrespective of their political party affiliations or lack thereof, grapple more than ever with their reluctant vote for the lesser of the two evils, rather than having faith in the one highly qualified candidate whose sole interest is to valiantly serve the people, his country, and to provide effective worldwide leadership. Ironically, this is against the apathetic backdrop of only 50-60% of the eligible voters casting their ballots at any presidential election cycle, and only less than 30% in a mid-term national election. The traditional break down of the electorate is one third Republican, one third Democrat and one third Independent – the latter two of which tend to coalesce in national elections, nonetheless, with much smaller voter turn outs. The country is now more polarised than ever. The proliferation of superPacs, “super-political action committees”, along with mega-corporations, the influence of foreign countries’ lobbyists, and the current sum of well over one billion dollars spent on this first round alone have further exacerbated the election process, in effect compromising the sovereignty of this once vibrantly young and progressive nation. Indeed, a Constitutional Convention is far overdue. One may only surmise as to whether or not the power of our government is derived from “We the People'”, or that our national sovereignty has already been auctioned off to the highest bidders without the citizenry’s consent?

The above notwithstanding, assessing the current five candidates there is only one whose vision and message inextricably makes sense to the majority – Bernie Sanders. However, a noticeable cluster of voters, even some who concur in principle with his platform, are reserved, expressing concerns that he would not be “electable.” They fear the super establishments and megalomaniacal conglomerates aided by corporatised media would sooner than later crush Sanders from all sides. In hind sight, such sentiment was also used by skeptics for Reagan and the two Bushes before their elections; however, it has no sound logical rationale behind it. Regardless of the outcome, we should still, on moral and ethical grounds, and for the love for our country and humanity, fully exercise our franchise of supporting and voting for Bernie during the primaries (and hopefully in November if his name remains on the ballot). Bernie has already contributed immensely to the political discourse by interjecting substantive issues into the debates, especially by shifting his immediate contender from centre right to centre left. Let us appreciatively recall that he has not sold out to the super PACs or lobbyists and remains the only candidate who consistently exposes the myriad wrong or ill-conceived polices and present sound solutions to mitigate them. Bernie is the only candidate who has unwaveringly stood for socio-economic justice, educational and political empowerment, civil and constitutional rights for all, adherence to habeas “┬»corpus and due process, and transparency and accountability in government, fundamental campaign reforms, the pursuit of the American dream, fairness and equality, leading to justice, tranquility and peace for all.

Hence, here is our 3 pronged collective action plan:

1. Go to Bernie Sanders’ website (, review its content thoroughly, make a donation and forward this email and his website to others.

2.”┬»Attend rallies run by Bernie’s campaign in your area and persuade others to join you. Spread the Motto “Future We Believe In”, and then assist in shaping it.

3. Vote for Bernie Sanders now and in November, and secure pledges from others to follow your example.

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