NY Times reports US has Strong Concerns over Russian air strikes on US financed mercenaries

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Like it or not the Syrian government is the internationally recognised legal government of that nation and is a member of the UN, alongside the United States. (The UN was founded so that member states would not attack one another). It is outrageous that the US is funding mercenaries trying to overthrow that government. The civil war would have long been over and peace restored if the US, Saudi Arabia, and their allies were not funding the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels and keeping the war going as an excuse to feed money into our own military industrial complexes. ISIS exists as a byproduct of America’s, and its puppet NATO’s, interference in the Middle East.

If the US is serious about ridding the world of the baleful influence of ISIS, it will call off the dogs of war it is funding in Syria and join Russia to knock out ISIS, the Al-Nusra Front, and other anti-Syrian govenment jihadists posing as “moderate” Islamists. The US and Russia can then work with the Syrian government and the United Nations to rebuild that ravaged nation and help the millions of displaced and immigrant families return to their homes. A major threat to peace in the world, as everyone except Americans seem to know, is the US drive to maintain world military supremacy and political hegemony over all other nations.

All the conflicts going on in the Middle East (Including Israel/Palestine), the Korean peninsula, the South China Sea, Africa, and Central and South America, and our own streets for that matter, stem from this insatiable drive for economic domination backed by military threats and interventions. The fact that we will probably elect Clinton who is a firm believer in all of the above, including a conflict with Russia over a no fly zone in Syria, will put Americans at odds with the people of the world. We are digging our own graves if we can’t create a political movement to counteract the imperialist dreams of our ruling class.

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