The Only Way Is Ethics: A Crash Course in Six Parts

September 5, 2016 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Part Three: The Palace Stinks!

Phworaw! What’s that pong? Surely it’s not coming from the Royal Household? Yet, peek under the floorboards at several privileged residences and you’ll find the scrapings of the very unethical Property Manager Ronald Harper, decorated by Her Maj with the Royal Victoria Order in 2004.

Harper and his cronies can now be named and shamed because earlier this month they were convicted of corruption in the course of their duties to Queen and Country. Over several years they accepted tens of thousands of pounds in bribes from buildings and service companies in exchange for contracts worth over £2 million for some pretty posh works at three central London Palaces. The funding was allocated by the Sovereign Grant [formerly called The Civil List]. That means the dosh came from the pockets and piggy-banks of the taxpayer. That’s you and me, folks!

You can bet Harper isn’t the only one abusing his privileged position to close off competitive tendering on both private and public projects. His metaphorical cloak of invisibility is shared by others with similar influence, providing protection against any ethical choices. The Queen will have to light an awful lot of incense to waft away that kind of stench.

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