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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect” Mark Twain

“Above all Be True To Yourself…

If You Can’t Put Your Heart Into It…

Take Yourself Out Of It…” Anon

A Year On

So here we are a year on. And what a year it’s been. Most of us will realise that post 2016 the world will be very different. Why and how: these are the questions. We sensed a year ago that the Trump phenomenon was at the core of it all. We knew that the mainstream media and associated experts were pulling the strings and pushing the social engineering levers in relation to Brexit. Some of us had one quizzical eye on Leicester City in the Premiership, less of us here in the UK understood the feat of the Chicago Cubs in winning the world series until it happened. Tragic events continued to occur around the world.

Glimpses of hope, inspiration and humanity broke up the noise. Before I go on I would like to acknowledge that my own understanding (extraspective) of the modern world and how it has changed dramatically this year can be attributed to some of the following in no particular order: ongoing conversations between myself and Dr Pierscionek; the Philosophy Of Metrics Blog (JC Collins); and Trader Scott’s Market Blog and the Zero Hedge Website for alternative financial and economic commentary. I also commend the mainstream media for showing their hand 😉

Fake News, Post Truth and The Commentariat

I guess most here will not need to have the irony of the ‘fake news’ narrative being pushed by the MSM pointed out, nor the ‘fact checking’ and ‘post truth’ concepts being widely espoused by career writers and ‘thinkers.’ All I would wish to say is that the Trump election showed me, and many more I presume, that the mainstream media felt it was their duty to unashamedly promote one candidate over the other to a point where democracy was challenged. The election across the pond also demonstrated to me that there was a new disconnect between some elements of the media, the deep state and international financial and business interests.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And Tyson Fury

Leicester and The Cubs showed us that strange, possibly random and unlikely things may happen. Brexit and Trump confirmed that. Tyson had a difficult year too but stayed true to himself, I believe. Some athletes and celebrities at the tip of an iceberg continued to generate huge incomes which may logically be difficult to justify. The economy continues to surprise. The European banks and economy as a whole flatter to deceive. My friend Trader Scott has written some excellent pieces on how the Trump-Reagan comparison some are making is confounded mainly by the state of the modern day economy, with all the debt, derivatives and what he refers to quite rightly, I believe, as the most important chart in the world which shows how the ‘bond bubble’ is now set to deflate progressively which means, as Scott says, that Trump has much less economic ‘wiggle room’.

Conclusion- Multipolar And The Media

From my perspective, what really changed this year was that the shift to a new multipolar world commenced. Allied issues are a multipolar demonetisation process and the increasing importance of the IMF as the central bank of last resort and its Special Drawing Right currency. JC Collins over at Philosophy Of Metrics blog has a lot of this mapped out I believe. JC, as well as The Simpsons and some notable others, predicted a Trump Presidency.

The reasons behind this are multipolar, if not random or quite as the Commentariat portrays them. But it is clear that an America under Trump wishes to take a step back from the unipolar world we have seen for most of our lifetimes. The dollar will take a step backwards too, eventually. The mainstream media appear to be rendering themselves somewhat obsolete.

Hopefully peace, hope and love shall prevail.

Illustration By Mr Sheheryar Yaseen

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