Why Donald Trump Is Right To Look East

December 17, 2016 12:00 am Leave your thoughts

The investment potential of the Russian economy offers good reasons why it is time for the West to take a more positive attitude towards the country. The President-elect might be doing everyone a favour in the long run, David Morgan argues.

Hasta siempre Comandante

December 10, 2016 12:00 am Leave your thoughts

While some of the mainstream media are unsuccessfully seeking to tarnish Castro's image, thousands upon thousands of messages are pouring into Cuba from literally all over the world to pay homage to him

A Word About Fidel

December 4, 2016 12:00 am Leave your thoughts

Fidel - a revolutionary hero to some, a ruthless tyrant to others. Why, we must ask, should the question be posed in terms of such polarity?

The Arabs Did It

December 3, 2016 12:00 am Leave your thoughts

For eight months there was hardly a drop of rain. A strong, hot, east wind blew in from the desert. The land dried up. Any little spark could have started a major fire.