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In my recent article entitled, ‘Trump and the Rise of Fascism in America’ I wrote the following:

Mr. Trump’s ambitions seem far bigger than achieving peace in the Middle East and bringing the war in Syria to its conclusion. Mr. Trump seems to be planning the annihilation of vast populations by unleashing a new reign of fascist barbarity.

The world had yet to recover from the shock of the 60-Tomahawk missile attack carried out on a Syrian airfield on April 10 by a US naval vessel in the Mediterranean when on April 13, an America C-130 aircraft dropped a 21,000 lb ‘Mother of all Bombs’ on Nigahar province in Afghanistan just 60 miles from Pakistani territory. This bomb is reported to be the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the world and has never before been dropped. As the bomb analysts and physicists are busy assessing the damage it might have done, Mr. Trump has ordered the US Naval fleet, including nuclear submarines, to rush to the Korean Peninsula in what is being seen as a preparation of a pre-emptive strike on North Korean territory.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of South Korean troops and around 30,000 US marines have been issued high alert orders.

The recent meeting between the Chinese president, Xi Jin Ping and Donald Trump raises questions about the role of China in a North Korea-USA conflict since it has been reported that around 150,000 Chinese troops have also been amassed alongside the China-North Korean border. There can only be one explanation for this. That Mr. Trump has taken the Chinese on board and the Chinese troops are stationed at the China-North Korean border to prevent an overflow of Korean refugees fleeing the war.

In recent months, China has increased its economic blockade of North Korea. Apart from turning all North Korean merchant ships away from Chinese ports, China also has cancelled all its purchases of North Korean coal, which is a crucial export and foreign currency earner for North Korea. In case of a full-scale war imposed by the USA, millions of North and South Koreans as well as Japanese and swathes of populations living in the border villages, towns and cities of North/South Korea and China are at high risk of receiving fatal casualities, thus engulfing the whole region in a war frenzy. The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, which is supposed to intercept any nuclear missile, was installed last month by the USA in South Korea. This defense system will become useless if North Korea fires 10,000 artillery pieces on South Korean cities.

The recent actions by the Trump Junta are a futile attempt to regain the waning global influence of American imperialist hegemony. However, in a desperate attempt to hold onto its position as the ‘global policeman’, the US military is bent on toppling regimes, killing millions of innocent civilians and bringing death and destruction to the world.

The likelihood of a direct military conflict between America and Russia are becoming dangerously realistic by the day. In such a scenario, Europe also will have to bear the brunt of war. The fact that all European leaders have gone along with the US narrative of blaming Syrian president, Bashar al Assad for using chemical weapons against his own people is an alarming manifestation of both arrogance and subservience. There is no proof that Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons and no UN or OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) investigation has been launched so far.

In case of a military incident that brings the USA and Russia into direct conflict, a frenzied nuclear attack on Russia and vice versa might become inevitable. If this occurs, Europe will face grave consequences. According to senior scientist at the Physicians for Social Responsibility, Steven Starr, a nuclear conflict will be environmentally detrimental. According to Starr, any such exchange between US and Russia will result in the deaths of tens of millions of people just within the first hour! Both the USA and Russia have between them 3,500 deployed and operational strategic nuclear weapons. These can be detonated within an hour, instantly causing mass scale deaths in major cities in Russia, America and Europe. Starr notes that this will amount to 30 percent of the American and Russian populations in just the first hour. And another 50 percent will die few weeks later due to radioactive fallout. Starr claims that this would start a Nuclear Winter, which in a couple of years would result in the death of most of the world’s population due to starvation. We would this time literally have been “bombed back into the Stone Age” and as a species, we would face extinction. This is where Mr. Trump’s reckless actions are leading us.

In the above scenario, it has become an urgent task of the working people of the world to stand up against the warmongering US military machine. So far the American public has been actively and vigorously opposing the rise of Donald Trump to power. They have stood up to the travel ban imposed on seven Muslim majority countries.

They have refused to budge despite arrests and harassment. But they cannot defeat the might of US imperialism all by themselves. In order to free the world of American military barbarity, the working people of the whole world must unite to oppose and resist American global hegemonic military designs.

In order to stop American military actions from annihilating human beings we must reach a global consensus and act as one body. Establishing a broad-based grassroots movement that could bring Donald Trump, and with it American imperialist establishment, into the realms of sanity is the need of the hour.

Dr Amjad Ayub Mirza is based in Glasgow and is the National Organiser of the Scotland based Movement for Consensus. He can be reached at:

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