The Jerusalem Mantra: A Child’s Prayer

December 17, 2017 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

There are as many ways of saying it aloud –

As there are tongues each of its language proud.

Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Rusalim, Urusalim, Uru-Salim,

These are but a few of a list as old as the hills; Urislem, Ursalim, Ierusalm,

This list of names is as endless as the city’s immortal age;

Hierosolyma, Jorsala, Beth-Shalem,

There are many similarities if only seen,

The biggest being the use of “peace” – Salim, Shalim,

Another, of course, is its sister “Holy” – Al-Quds, Bayt Al-Maqdis.

Learn all the names there are

Repeat them as a mantra

Listen carefully and you will hear

Each single sigh and feel each little pain

Hidden in the words flying about

Some for and some against

The skies darkened by these endless words.

When will these darkening clouds

Open up and cleanse all our pain

And take Jerusalem back to that Mount

Where all were blessed and none left behind?

But no one was listening then;

And no one can hear these few words now.

This is the city of peace

Where entry is for those

Who can love and be loved

If your language comes from

The barrel of your gun

Then, you are not wanted here

In our City of Peace.

Go you elsewhere and search

Another series of names to besmirch

And leave us to wake each day

Living, as we could, as God’s way –

No matter whose God you carry in your heart

Bring Him in peace or else depart.

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