The Saudi Arabian “Kingdom” remains the most egregious Rogue State Sponsor of Terrorism Worldwide

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Chickens have come home to roost! The Saudi Arabian Wahhabi despots have indeed been the most egregious sponsors of global terrorism since 1932. The premeditated and unconscionable slaying of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, carried out by a group of fifteen Saudi security officers who arrived in Turkey and hastily returned home on two executive jets, is only the tip of a humongous criminal rock deeply buried in sands of Hijaz. The Rogue Saudi dictatorship considers itself the successor to Prophet Mohammad and thus has, and continues to wave, the mighty sword (read American weaponry) of Wahhabi Islam so as to convert the world populations, including Muslims, to its particular version of Islam. What is most disheartening however is the unwavering patronage of the USA, as headed by President Trump, toward such a despotic regime as Saudi Arabia. All indications suggest that Trump and associates are continuing to exploit the American government for their own self-centered aim of accumulating more wealth and power.

The Saudi clan of nearly 100,000 have spent their nation’s vast wealth on self-indulgence, military adventurism, and fabricating a historical narrative in their most luxurious palaces. The Saudi clan has made its name synonymous with all Arabs and tried to steal our historical heritage.

Anchored on the odd alliance of two brethren – Al-Saud who established a rogue dictatorship and Al-Wahhab who facilitated a backward and literal [mis-]interpretation of Islamic ideology – Saudi Arabia was named after the Saud clan of Hijaz and founded in 1932. This all materialised with the blessing and directives of Anglo-American Petroleum for the sole purpose of safeguarding the flow of oil and gas to the West. Half of Saudi Arabia’s female population of 33 million and up to 20% of its Shiite population are still not considered full citizens according to Wahhabi doctrine. They have far fewer civil, socio-economic and political rights than their Sunni male counterparts.

Until the rogue Saudi Kingdom undergoes massive socio-economic and political reform, yielding to the most secular, democratic and transparent form of government, the US and the West must unequivocally refrain from having any economic or political dealings with the regime. The Saudi King and his many princes could not have obtained the services of a public relations lobbyist as effective as Trump and his associates. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights alongside sovereignty, security, dignity and democratic principles must be universally adopted and adhered to by all nations including the US. The US must not arbitrarily and for economic motives discard these principles or ignore their violation, regardless of whether an ally or an unfriendly nation is responsible for violating human rights.

By the same token, American diplomacy can no longer afford to trample over its own self-declared ethical and moral standards when it suits the interests of finance capital or the military.

The only way forward is to promote homegrown socio-religious reformation as well as economic and political development anchored on the education and empowerment of the masses in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia. Ironically, despite the regime, Iran with her ancient rich heritage, contributions to the world including a millennia long continuous form of government, and the 150 year long yearning of her 80 million citizens to achieve their liberty and freedom in a secular state is far ahead of other countries in the region. The ultimate goal is to develop secular democracies within sovereign, secure, dignified, just and peaceful nations, which will in turn engage with the US and others nations in trade and cultural exchanges.

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