Why the unilateral American sable rattling against Iran, again? You discern it and then be the judge!

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I write to applaud the in-depth essay on trumpeting back the blame on predatory capitalism as perpetrated by Trump while he and his transnational conglomerate cronies trample over sovereign Iran. The American administration’s ever intensified playing of their trumpets, trombones and tubas from their wider ends to the galloping dance of the Don Quixote war mongers and profiteers about to attack the windmills (aided by the mainstream American media) prepares the public for yet another inevitable catastrophe.

As a patriotic naturalized American professor with forty years working in New York and as a proudly born Iranian, raised in the cradle of civilization, I once again find myself, my expat community and our families in Iran worrying about what comes next.

While I am blessed with myriad noble ideals and values of American and Iranian origin, I cannot help but remain baffled as to the rationales of both governments, especially that of the US, as they lead their respective nations down yet another dangerous and slippery slope. Let me be loud and clear: no one can claim that either of two sides is a moral authority, absolved of any wrong doings. There is enough blame to go around against all those who have lived in ivory towers whilst the results of their capricious actions over the past 20 years, from within and without, have had a detrimental effect on the region.

Déjà vu all over again, the new American waves of sable rattling against Iran, and the imminent prospect of yet another preemptive war of aggression, will inextricably spew chaos upon the daily lives of 85 million Iranians. Putting aside for a moment the pretext of protecting allies and safeguarding the free and cheap flow of oil and gas, the Persian Gulf region might once again become the epicenter of instability, with repercussions for the entire world.

The futile and costly wars exact a heavy toll upon the American taxpayers, with no dividends to speak of, not to mention the lives lost and the collateral damage inflicted upon the nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Calamities that will affect the coming generations.

Are the aforementioned nations now better off in terms of their political development, freedom, equality, democracy and citizen empowerment following US intervention? Is destruction of Iran’s infrastructure and pillage of Iran’s natural and human resources a worthy goal? Why not instead resort to the much more rational, effective and peaceful method of multilateral dialogue, diplomacy and fairness that is rooted in American ideals and values?

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