The Treacherous Quadrangle Impasse of Iran-Israel-Saudi-US Diplomacy (Part I)

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Rhetorical Inquiries
1. Is the United States of America still the global leader and the self-proclaimed moral authority vis-Ã -vis Iran-Israel-Saudi, or the prophet of corporatized profiteering and pariahs? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

2. Will the U.S. ever again support universal liberty and secular democracy, competitive capitalism and fair trade, and respect sovereignty, human rights, dignity, equality, and justice and peace worldwide? If affirmative, then great! Proof? If negative, why not?

3. Are the nations of Iran and Israel/Saudi adversaries or joint historical brethren with Persian King Cyrus the Great, the first savior of Jews?

4. Can Trump ever remotely measure up to Cyrus the Great of the Persian Empire because Bibi gullibly boasts so? Absolutely NOT!
5. And can the historical alternative, Iran, once again lead as the regional burgeoning bastion of tolerance, harmony, tranquility, equality, secularism, reform, and stability to serve justice and uphold peace that could ascend as the Persian Phoenix out of the ashes of tyranny, injustice and peril?

Bibi, aka Benjamin Netanyahu, the 20 year long incumbent prime minister of Israel was once again reelected against all odds and polls, and against the backdrop of Israel remaining on the edge ever since her inception in 1948, and as the newest country on the hot block. In achieving his goal, Bibi had invoked a historical rhetoric to his own ulterior end, calling Trump the contemporary moral equivalent of Cyrus the Great of Persia, the latter recognized as the ultimate just savior of the noble people of Jewry. In resorting to such frivolous fallacy while aligning his party with odd bedfellows, i.e., the extreme minority ultraconservative Israeli parties on the far right fringes and appeasing the Saudis, Bibi was astutely able to quench his alleged charges and possible arraignment not only in the justice system, but far more importantly in the ever divided Israeli court of public opinion. In essence, he again bought himself yet another term in office to keep the status quo.

For starters, Bibi’s bogusly fallacious notion of trumpeting Trump by playing his trombone to portray Trump as the moral equivalent of Cyrus the Great of the Persian Achaemenes Empire, is the all-time father of catastrophic lies and deceit. By exploiting the history and culture of two noble nations, Iran and Israel, Bibi has only descended into the abyss with his own dismal ethical record as the prophet of falsehood. Between he the protégée and Trump his mentor, shame has no bounds.

Thus, the case in point here is to complement the two eloquently written recent article 1 & article2 shared to provide an “independent” and out-of-the-box perspective on Bibi, Trump and associated odd bedfellows. The said authors narrate a far more accurate interpretation of the biblical scriptures on Cyrus the Great of Persia and the Jewish Persian Queen Esther (Circa 500 BCE) in the Torah as well as the Persian-Judaic festival of Purim which has coincided with Nowruz the Persian New Year at spring vernal equinox and co-observed for millennia.

This hitherto preamble to complement the said article s is in stark contrast to the ever ubiquitous fake news or half-baked truth op-eds and commentaries in corporatized mainstream American media/internet and their ever influential misinformation rife with ulterior motives for the sake of predatory profit. After all, the most powerful foreign and domestic unelected lobbyists perpetrate or instigate wars and violence. Ironically, they undermine American moral and fair economic leadership on domestic and world affairs.

In such a highly sophisticated context that should not be frankly trivialized, Persia/Iran, as acknowledged by great many historians, is still aptly referred to as the ” Cradle of Human Civilizations .” Iran formerly known as Persia has some of the earliest hominid activities, from as far back as right after Mother Lucy’s Stone Age era of two million years ago, and as evidenced by stone tools found in and out of caverns on the western slopes of Zagros Mountain Ranges. Then the last major group of Homo sapiens, crossing the Bob-al Mandab Strait in the Red Sea between the Ethiopian Horn of Africa and the Yemenite Peninsula, settled on Iranian plateau as far back as the Middle Paleolithic era 100,000 years ago, followed by their gradual further traverse from the Iranian plateau as hunter/gatherers and nomads crossing into the northern east-west hemisphere. A sword alloy excavated from the western slope of the Zagros in Iran, 17,000 years old, is evidence of the crucial centrality of the Iranian plateau for universal human civilization and its further propagation.

In the past ten thousand years alone, the Mesopotamian and Iranian plateaus (the greater Fertile Crescent spanning between the Nile, Indus and Yellow Rivers) has witnessed the ultimate emergence of proto-Elamites, the Elamites, the Sumerians, Babylonians, Akkadians, Persians and the Jewish and Canaanite Kingdoms in Ur/Uruk. They have provided much interactions for human settlements, agriculture and domesticating animals and making tools, where the two distinct sets of languages, the Aramaic from which Hebrew, Syriac, Amharic, Assyrian, Coptic and Arabic evolved from, and the proto-Irano-Persian-Indian/Sanskrit languages which laid the foundation for all west Asian and later, European Languages, vernaculars and dialects. Currently, there are over 300 languages traced to early Persian Pahlavi spoken in Asia, Europe and the Americas by extension, in contrast to 130 tracing back to Indian Sanskrit and mostly spoken on the Indian subcontinent.

Then the Persian/Elamite-Medians dynasties and kingdoms followed by the Acheamenian, Ashkanian and Sassanian Empires of circa 1,000 BCE through 650 CE spread across the greater Fertile Crescent, Sind, Yellow and Oxus rivers to the east, to the Nile and Tigris rivers to the west, and the adjourning region where proliferation of settled tribes and clans contributed toward making cities and the rapid discovery and development of the major essential elements of human civilization.

After the re-conquest of Jerusalem by Persian Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Empire- liberating it from the Assyrian tyrannical King Nebuchadnezzar- Cyrus wrote the first Declaration of Human Rights on a baked clay tablet now kept at the London Museum where he invited the people of Jewry to return if they wished to rebuild the second temple. Many did exactly that but even more felt so much at home in Iran and later became one family with the rest of Iranians.

In the Book Children of Esther , Dr. Homa Nategh, the Founding Director of the Persian Oral Jewish History Center in Los Angeles, writes: “There is evidence that the ten missing Jewish tribes actually were by their choice ‘integrated with’ their Iranian brethren 2600 years ago.” In fact, most if not all the current 85 million Iranians and an additional 200 million in adjourning regions (once members of the Persianate hemisphere) carry Jewish haplogroup gene biomarkers in their genes. What is even more startling, is how closely aligned their common cultural and family values and rituals are to one another. Some of the earliest stories in the Torah , as narrated or scripted in Aramaic and early Pahlavi-Avesta Persian, were recorded in today’s southwest Hamedan-Shusha-Ur triangle as far back as 3000 millennia ago.

All indications point to the Ashkenazim, whose presence in the north-west of the Caspian Sea in the Khazaria Khanate, must have their origin from their Persian Mizrahim brethren. In fact the Persian Mountain Jews of the Caucasus, many of whom still reside in the Caucasus region, are the remnants of the same population whose vernacular and dialects, music, and way of life are essentially the same as their Persian brethren.

There is historical written evidence to corroborate that Mohammad ( ) the Prophet of Islam ( ) and the first of his eleven wives, Khadijah, were from B’anai Hashem (Hashem is one of four most sacred names for god in the Torah) the most influential Jewish Family of the Quraysh Tribe in Mecca. One could even discern further to trace this high stature and affluent family back to Yasreb later called Medina, where most inhabitants practiced Judaism, be it at times mixed with idol worship.

This might in retrospect be the reason why Mohammad opted to migrate/Hijrah (thus the onset of the Islamic calendar) to Medina to seek refuge in taking his new religion global. It is as if Islam was a succession in much the same way as Christianity was, from Judaism: one book, rewritten, amended, and revised at least three times over a 2,000 year span. The bloody crusades and holy evangelizing and proselytizing wars waged by Christianity and Islam have since the inception of the State of Israel found a third illegitimate partner of apartheid, violence and injustice, anchored on the Torah scripture of self-supremacy and self-entitlement.

Whereas the Torah was in part influenced by Avesta and Zoroastrianism: the heaven and hell concept among other edicts (i.e., the first world monotheistic religion), the same was reciprocated back to the Persian hemisphere with many Judaic cultural attributes, family values and ethos still self-evident today. In fact there are far more Jewish prophet shrines, 33, in Iran and still revered by all, than anywhere else including Israel. The number of Jewish names given to children at birth in Iran are equal if not much higher than in all other Jewish communities elsewhere.

Hence, as one of the children of Esther, I have often visited her shrine in Hamedan, Iran where she still resides reverently along with her uncle Mordechai who replaced the vizier Haman and led the slaying of up to 75,000 of Xerxes’ royal courtesans and employees. I yearn for blind justice for all, especially for ordinary Iranians and the Semites: Isaac’s Israeli brethren and their Ishmaelite Arab-Palestinian cousins.

As for the ever-lingering impasse in the Israeli-Palestinian family conflict, Israel as the ultimate motherland for people of Jewry must remain unequivocally safeguarded. However, after no political solutions to equally accommodate the legitimate sovereignty of the Palestinians according to the British Balfour Declaration there has emerged one last practical solution: to establish one truly secular State for all where each of the 15-20 million citizens have one vote, irrespective of their religion, creed, ethnicity, country of origin, orientations, etc. In such a system, each citizen is provided equal opportunity for education, economic opportunity, practice of one’s faith, and employment. Consequently, all are recognized on the basis of merit.

I aspire to help safeguard humanity, uphold equality & harmony, and justice and peace for our common Mother Nature on earth. In such an undertaking, I aspire to safeguard the longstanding friendship between ordinary Iranians and Judaic peoples. Iran at one point had up to one third of her population believing in Judaism. Iranians have since Cyrus the Great protected Jews and given refuge to others several times; as such, they would not [and should not] hesitate for even a nano-second to do the same again. Iran has and continues to remain with open heart as the second- if not the third- homeland of people of Jewry of all times and places.

In summary, both nations of Iran and Israel share a common historical heritage. Nonetheless, Iran’s current population and natural resources are much greater than Israel’s. When again the American evangelicals and the western conservatives rely on their twisted literal misinterpretations of the New Testament to propel Jews to return to their promised land so their Messiah can return and establish the Kingdom of God, it is the Iranians who will once again rise, as they did three millennia ago, to protect Jews with open arms and give them refuge in their homeland of Iran.

There is also a common yearning for the day when a renewed mutually platonic partnership, re-forged between Iranians and Jewish Israelites, lead to agro-techno-eco-development of more than half Iran’s [arid]-territory with vast aquifers, and oil/gas/coal and mineral deposits. This should in turn yield economic and natural sustainability for both nations and for humanity as a whole. Such sustainability is the ultimate epitome of regional stability and the conservation of its human, natural and cultural assets as the cradle of civilization. And with the two nations, one chosen by their god and the other by Mother Nature/Ahura Mazda, humanity can live justly, harmoniously and peacefully ad infinitum. In closing, don’t ever pass over a Persian Passover around Nowruz!

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