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January 19, 2021 11:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Article by Beth Porter

Alternatives to the mainstream

1. The Morning Star and the London Progressive Journal both present far-left perspectives on UK political and socio-cultural analysis. Why is neither of these ever allowed representation on panel shows, vox pops, interviews, or phone-ins? And, is the categorisation of these outlets truly ‘far left’ or actually a demonising redefinition from the predominently middle-of-the-road power elite?

2. Everyone in the UK, whatever their political allegiance, wants to re-capture an ambiance of normality. Whatever that means. This raises several barriers, the most potent being the path to its achievement. Is there sufficient scrutiny about the relationship between a UK-wide epidemic and the global reality of a pandemic? Why are broadcasters, political commentators, and allied media voices so reluctant to correct those who insist on likening the UK’s virus to a bad flu? And, most telling, why is so much statistical analysis presented on a level of comparison to other countries, giving the impression we are in competition? Why isn’t there a more positive presentation of how the world can act together?

3. When political spokespeople are challenged about progress in dealing with the pandemic, why do the answers revert to the vaguaries of rapidly changing economic policy? Why has the stability of the corporate world taken precendence over the welfare of ordinary people? Why have banks, both investment and retail, become the bulwark against tyranny, when their fundamental principles of profit are so anti-democratic?

4. Given the planet’s rapidly decreasing time to reverse the catastrophic political, social and cultural decisions by all the countries of the world, why is mainstream media relegating its news as though global warming is merely a story on a par with daily headlines?

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