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Article by Beth Porter

Part One – Fooling All The People


Belated apologies to readers for the unavoidable delay explaining why I only receive about half my state pension. That was back in July 2017, involving issues far wider than my own, nearly all of which required complex research.

It’s been a dirty business sifting through the mud of lies to rescue some precious truths. Because it’s so long I’ve packaged it into bite-sized chapters.

So before I morph into plucky little David aiming at the lumbering Goliath of omnipotence, consider the following deceptions.

Chapter One – Who Wrote the Bible?

Judeo-Christian revelations have been riddled with bare-faced lies ever since the 6th century, when a Syrian monk claimed to have authored most of the Old Testament after his conversion to Christianity by Saint Paul the Apostle.

Was he lampooned as a loony and popped into a padded cell?

Nope! His anonymous theories about the hierarchy of celestial beings and their accountability to the primary deity, held sway among scholars for another 500 years until challenged by the Dutch philosopher Erasmus.

This established a pattern throughout the western world, steeped as it was in Christian dogma. It’s still guiding popular practices of government policy from announcement to implementation. Decide. Publicise. Get challenged. Deny and lie. Promise a ‘review’ in due course. Admit some errors and blame others. Divert further challenge. Insist everything’s better now. Keep lying.

The Syrian monk organised his holy hierarchy into a Choir of ‘spiritual communion’, populated by various categories of Angels. Perhaps the most useful was dubbed The Power, an angelic force which could not only whisper in the ear of Christ, but also repel evil.

Now that’s a hero even D.C. comics would be proud to franchise!

How ironic that modern seats of power address much of the same agenda, all bound up in a volume of untruths. Today’s forces of evil include those who choose to serve their dodgy masters, whether or not they appear to be working hard to do good. We meet those unholy ones on a daily basis. Global business. Pseudo-democracies. The accents of privilege hiding social prejudice and disdain.

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