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By Beth Porter

Stabbing Thin Air

No rants today, just a collection of observations. They may seem random, but have all been sparked by a ubiquitous bafflement at the world around us.

Miracle medical breakthroughs aside, probably the most potent predictor of individual human survival is genetics. If, like me [as I near my 80th year], you live past the average sell-by date, and you’ve acted on the impulse of your imagination during your lifetime, you’re likely to accumulate enough reality to stitch into a quilt.  It can be cosy or scratchy, providing cover moment by moment, year by year until it becomes a shroud of finality.

I’ve been housebound for some four years now. Though my body betrays me, I put my trust in the legacy of my mind. Like you, I’m bewildered, trapped in the endless spin cycle of a cosmic clothes dryer, unable to catch more than a fleeting glimpse of stasis through the loading window. My most stabilising thoughts are pinned together from television drama dialogue, radio news broadcasts, and social media comments, either directly exchanged or offered by strangers.  Sometimes, they’re complete within themselves, however incomprehensible; but often I convert them into random phrases, no less satisfying. These days they frequently include denials of reality and downright lies. Yes, I can devise categories for clarity, but it’s the very randomness that imbues the catalog with meaning, metaphor, and a kind of poetry. 

I present a selection of them here in a spirit of human connection. If you can decipher the truth, I salute you. I remain baffled!

Please Mind The Gap

Who really believes they’re more significant than the survival of our planet?

Mars is called the red planet because it was settled by communists.

One picture is worth a thousand lies.

A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The committee that designed a camel was never elected.

Mainstream UK media is a tool of the gullible, grasping middle class.

Both the ubiquitous viral pandemic and the severity of climate change have the potential to unite the world’s people. Instead, the right-wing and right-of-centre media try to align us behind sports teams, royal hoo-hahs, celebrity tittle-tattle, and class divisions. Radical or left-of-centre views are ignored or pilloried.

The Magi were refused entry to the Magic Circle.

Marriage vows slip when the milk turns sour.

The Book of Revelations has a lot to answer for.

My book, Another Alphabet, is now available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback.

With some 18,000 deities worshipped throughout the world, when you pray, whose god is it anyway?

Outer space is dwarfed by inner space.

Leadership is the corrupt construct of the elitist power class.

Workers have never required bosses.

Dressing dogs, cats, and other animals in human clothing for your amusement reduces them to wind-up toys, property, or slaves.

Mutual affection is the most potent expression of inter-species communication.

The online presence of imagination, talent, and the combination of hilarity, kindness, and love is offered by Ryan Dykta & TeamCasp47; he’s a probation officer by day, a loving family man, and ‘Dad’ to a small coterie of adorable dogs & their pals. They reach out to several millions of followers. Including me!

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