Nanny’s Recipe

May 1, 2022 1:36 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A poem by David Van-Cauter

First, prepare the surface:
a veneer of Victorian values
a silky-smooth tongue-knife
to slice apart humanity –
lick your lips

Collect carrot sticks, cut them up
add an ounce of arrogance
a sprinkling of sophistication
a cup of condescension
a good pinch of privilege –
stir it well

The slime of an oyster
rosy ox cheeks
extract of truth
freshly hunted game
all through the blender –
dilute with servants’ tears

Spread the mixture far and wide
hijack clouds and rain it down
so that water, soil, the acrid air
is thick with its sweet scent
infected, all-devouring –
let them taste

Then, Jacob, you can slither
from your rancid throne
and lick salt from the eyeballs of the twitching forms
that put their faith in you, inhale their breath
and slink away, rejuvenated –
cockroach king

Nanny would be proud

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