Our Home – A Human Unity Statement

November 2, 2012 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

What would make our lot better?

We are a large house with many rooms.

Ours is a home that contains common values of like-minded people who are united in a common bond of moral teachings leading to good human behaviour.

We share much in common such as a need to understand each other, to deal gently, humanely, affectionately and truthfully with each other.

We share a common humanity and a common passion for seeking after truths in order to be fully alive, fully human, fully valued and valuing.

We seek to heal ourselves and those around us. We do this by being committed to a path, living within it, understanding each other’s inner path and wisdom and listening to each other’s wise teachings.

We ask why, seeking answers through meditation or reflection or prayer and through good deeds and personal responsibility for our actions.

We are a large house with many rooms. Our unity is being under one roof. Each room bearing witness to our differences.

We seek not to control, not to misuse, not to go blindly forward through habit, but to unite our humanity still containing its many differences of faiths/belief systems.

Our purpose unites us in our aim to live together in peace and harmony in our capacious house with many rooms.

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